One-source, infinite solutions

Electrical and electronic expertise
for today┬┤s leading industries

Air-Eltec GmbH is a one-source provider focused on the development/production of electrical/electronics systems for customers in the aviation, medical and industrial sectors. Our product palette covers various sectors from operations to hospitality.

Air-Eltec GmbH offers innovative solutions that include circuit control panels and boxes, as well as electronic equipment for the civil aviation industry. In addition, we specialize in both standard cable assemblies and the creation of customized systems that comply with your industry’s standards and specific needs. The design aspects of these systems can vary in color and size, with electrical interiors and fittings, cable winding requirements and packaging specifications tailored to your individual needs.

It is our goal at Air-Eltec GmbH to excel in terms of innovation and quality. And we’re always striving to outdo ourselves, raising our own technical standards time and again.

Our certified technicians are versed in the needs and logistics of your industry and your end customers. Contact our headquarters for more information on our current product range and lines.